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Interior Design is about achieving harmony in a space. Well thought out, a space can be exploited in different ways and awaken in us, various feelings of security, pleasure, happiness, comfort, serenity, creativity ... etc.

Badly exploited, it can be a source of negative feeling   such as confusion, loss of reference, anxiety, worry, melancholy...etc.


In the workplace, space can have an impact  on productivity and  well-being,  which has a direct  impact  on  the company's results.


That is why it is essential to design optimized, functional, inspiring and aesthetic living and working spaces that meet the customer's needs.


As Interior Designers, we will provide you with our expertise and advice tailored to your needs and we work with trusted contractors. With this in mind, we take charge of the projects from the initial concept to the final realization, this includes all aspects of the design project.

Our service includes*:

  • Initial consultation.

  • Design concept board 

  • Space planning / Zoning.

  • Floor Plan, 3D modeling.

  • Interior finishes, furniture and home decor.

  • Itemized charts and purchasing management.

  • Project management of the renovation, works and layout.



*Each project being unique, a proposal will be provided to you after our initial consultation and will depend on the scope of the project.

Ready to get started? Let's talk about your project. 


No big changes in sight? this might be for you!



Our Space Styling service brings you the decor, the accessories and the art or decorative paintings necessary to give relief and character to your living or professional space.



Our Space Modeling service uses the existing furniture and decoration in your room to create a whole new dimension by reorganizing and optimizing every space.

Ready to get started? Let's talk about your project. 

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